Miracles of Green Barley
  • Green Barley contains enzymes such as Fatty Acid Oxidase, Peroxidase, Catalase, Cytochrome Oxidase and Transhydrogenase that cause decomposition of fats in our bodies.
  • Green Barley has chlorophyll which cuts excess cholesterol and triglycerides and other lipids.
  • Green Barley contains soluble fiber which helps metabolize fats, cholesterol and carbohydrates.
  • Green Barley contains Arginine (14.3mg/g) at higher amounts which keep the blood vessels elastic, keeping the blood flow smoothly, melts away plaque that exists in blood vessels and also reduces blood clots and bad cholesterol.
  • Formation of Procollagen Type IV prevents the formation of plaque (atherosclerotic plaques) in the blood vessels.


  • Green Barley contains a high amount of Arginine (14.3mg/g) and this amino acid is used to release insulin from the pancreas and help increase glucose uptake in the muscle cells.
  • Green Barley has Chromium that increases the ability of insulin to bind to cells and leads to increase insulin sensitivity of the body tissues. It makes the body more efficient in absorbing the blood sugar. It acts as a “Travel Guide”, opening the door for the insulin to enter into the body cells. It lowers blood sugar and insulin levels in people with type II diabetes.
  • Green Barley has Vanadium which activates insulin receptors, making the beta cell of the pancreas produce more insulin, resulting in the decrease of blood sugar.


  • Green Barley is good for cancer because of the presence of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) which restores the functions and repairs the body’s DNA to prevent cancer cells from developing. SOD is also a free radical scavenger of tumor cells.
  • Green Barley is also good for cancer due to the presence of P4D1 enzyme which destroys cancer cells and at the same time immediately repairs damaged DNA molecules of the cells.
  • Green Barley contains a high amount of Potassium (3,800mg/100g) which is very important in preventing new growth and multiplication of cancer cells.
  • Green Barley contains Peroxidase enzyme which breaks and neutralizes the carcinogenic black color substance in grilled meat and fish.
  • Since Green Barley is highly alkaline, it destroys cancer cells.
  • Green Barley has a high score of ORAC 25,500 per 100 grams having high amounts of oxygen carrying capacity. Cancer cells cannot live in high concentrations of oxygen.
  • Green Barley contains 2-O-Glycosylisovitexin enzyme which prevents multiplication of cancer cells.


  • Green Barley contains a high amount of Vitamin C (548mg/100g) plus the four important Amino Acids (Proline, Lysine, Arginine, and Glycine) which are necessary for the formation or production of procollagen to produce Type I and Type II collagen needed in rebuilding damaged cartilage and tendons in joints.
  • Lysine increases the production of procollagen which helps in rebuilding new bones, tendon cells, and cartilage tissue and in turn for the healing of wounds.
  • Proline is a component of cartilage for healthy joints and ligaments.
  • Organic Sodium (775mg/10g) which dissolves calcium deposited in the joints.


  • Green Barley is good for asthma due to the presence of Vitamin C plus Arginine needed in the formation of procollagen Type III. When the supply of collagen in our body is sufficient, it prevents constriction of the bronchial tubes, making the flow of oxygen normal.
  • Green Barley also cleans foreign waste materials such as sputum present in the bronchial tubes.
  • Green Barley contains chlorophyll, a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy component, which prevents bronchial constriction.


  • Green Barley is good for ulcer/hyperacidity because it is highly alkaline which reduces the acidity levels in our body.
  • The presence of Arginine and chlorophyll makes the healing of wounds and damaged tissues in the stomach faster.
  • Due to the organic sodium present, it facilitates the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach which helps in the digestion of food and neutralizes acidity.


  • Green Barley contains Arginine in high amounts which can significantly improve sexual performance for men and women.
  • Due to the presence of Arginine, it produces Nitric Oxide which is responsible for penile erection and can correct 90% of all penile dysfunction.


  • Green Barley is good for the treatment of sterility of men and women because of the presence of Arginine which increases sperm/egg cell production and motility.


  • Green Barley is good for liver cirrhosis because of the presence of chlorophyll, a powerful detoxifying agent for the liver because it removes carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.
  • The presence of Arginine helps detoxify the liver by neutralizing the ammonia.
  • The presence of Glysine (amino acid), a powerful anti-oxidant, protects the liver cells.
  • The presence of 2-O-Glycosylisovitexin prevents the formation of acetaldehyde and malonaldehyde thereby preventing the formation of fatty liver and liver cirrhosis.


  • Green Barley is good because it contains all the important enzymes, minerals, amino acids, phytochemicals, phytonutrients, chlorophyll, vitamins which can correct the physiological body disorder.
  • Green Barley stimulates the production of procollagen Type I which makes the skin smoother and supple.
  • Green Barley stimulates the production of white blood cells in the bone marrow and T and B cells which fight against bacterial and viral infection.


  • Green Barley is good for Dysmenorrhea due to the presence of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) which removes or neutralizes the toxins present in the uterus.
  • Green Barley stimulates the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter substance that prevents pain during menstruation.


  • Green Barley is good for Myoma due to the presence of enzymes SOD, Peroxidase, Fatty Acid Oxidase, Cytochrome Oxidase and Transhydrogenase that can degrade/decompose the myoma and prevent its growth.
  • Green Barley acts as a scavenger according to Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara.
  • Green Barley controls the imbalance of progesterone/estrogen ratio that is released from the pituitary glands that stimulate the growth of myoma.


  • Green Barley is good for constipation because it contains high amounts of insoluble fibers which promote a healthy digestive tract and with the presence of SOD, removes toxic substances present in the digestive system.
  • Green Barley contains SOD which aids in the digestion of food.
  • Green Barley contains chlorophyll which is an internal softener of undigested food or waste products in the large intestine.


  • Green Barley is good anemia due to the presence of chlorophyll which stimulates hemoglobin production. It promotes an abundant supply of good quality red blood cells capable of carrying life-giving oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells.
  • Green Barley has folic acid (Vit. B12) which helps uptake of iron to combine with globin to form hemoglobin in the red blood cells.


  • Due to the presence of chlorophyll, Green Barley has anti-inflammatory properties which prevent inflammation. Green Barley stimulates the receptors of the immune system, especially the bone marrow, to produce white blood cells against viruses which cause rhinitis.


  • Green Barley contains Carnitine (A.A) which promotes fat burning.
  • The presence of Fatty Acid Oxidase, Peroxidase, Catalase and Transhydrogenase enzymes help breakdown fatty tissues in the body.
  • Green Barley contains chlorophyll that cuts excess fats (lipids) in the body.


  • Green Barley contains Serotonine (neurotransmitter cells) which controls pain and promotes good sleep and well-being.
  • Green Barley contains Procollagen Type IV which relaxes the brain’s blood vessels from vasoconstriction.


  • Green Barley contains chlorophyll which is a strong deodorizer of the digestive tract.
  • The presence of SOD, a powerful anti-oxidant, prevents the decomposition of food in the gastro-intestinal tract.


  • Green Barley is good for dengue infection because it stimulates the bone marrow to produce platelets.
  • Green Barley contains chlorophyll, which has almost the same molecular structure as the hemoglobin. Chlorophyll increases hemoglobin production, meaning more oxygen gets to the cells.
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