Miracles of Green Barley
  • 11 times the Calcium in cows’ milk
  • 6.5 times the much Carotene in spinach
  • 3.3 times much Vitamin C in spinach
  • 5 times the Iron in spinach 
  • 7 times the Vitamin C in oranges, 
  • 2 times the Beta Carotene in carrots
  • 30 times more Vitamin B1 than milk
  • 4 times more Vitamin B1 than whole wheat flour
  • 80mg of Vitamin B12 per hundred grams 

Reference: Resource Research Center, Office of Science and Technology, Japan Food Analysis Center
Radiation and Cancer
It appears that S.O.D. also plays a key role in protection from cancer and radiation therapy. S.O.D.’s chief function in contrast to the other enzymes is as a cell protector. [Best Ways, August 1980]
Dr. Hagiwara in Japan, and biologist Dr. Jasuo Hotta, a specialist of gene engineering at the University of California at La Jolla, found that when barley juice was added to damaged cells, the DNA within the cells repaired itself very quickly. Current theories hold that both cancer and aging result when genes fail to repair themselves. In their experiments, the scientists exposed mouse cells to both radiation and a powerful cancer-causing chemical. Then they divided the cells into two sets, incubated both, and added barley juice to only one set. The “untreated” cells fared poorly; many died and others began a slow self-repair process. But the cells treated with barley juice recovered in an accelerated rate twice as fast as normal. When the Doctors added Green Barley juice to the mouse cells before subjecting them to radiation and a carcinogen, Hotta says the repair rate was “…easily three times as fast as normal.” Thus, Dr. Hagiwara claims, the findings may eventually help in the search to prevent cancer, aging, or both. [Omni, May 1982]
17 years ago, the F.D.A. announced that benzpyrene from cigarettes and tobacco causes lung cancer. However, it was revealed at the Japan Pharmaceutical Society that “young green barley juice” greatly reduces the risk and neutralizes the poisonous effects of benzpyrene. [New York Speech, p.5]
Black Char
It is well known that the black char in broiled and charcoal grilled meat contains elements which include 20,000 times more cancer-causing elements than that found in benzpyrene from tobacco. However, young Green Barley juice may help protect the body from cancer by decomposing these elements. [New York Speech, p.5]
In a report made to the Japan Pharmaceutical Society it was revealed that a sort of peroxidase extract from Green Barley juice powder can counteract the poisonous effect of BHT that is found in powdered milk and processed meats. [Let’s Live, March, 1982]
So Green Barley, because of the many thousands of live enzymes it contains, may help to counteract the many carcinogens in the environment even though we may be exposed to those pollutants. [New York Speech, p.6]
Heart Attacks
Researchers in the Department of Medicine at St. Louis University have found that S.O.D. also greatly aids in the maintenance of damaged heart tissue. After a heart attack, cellular energy production is severely lowered. Prevention or delay of irreversible cell damage can be achieved by simply administering enzymes specifically aimed at maintaining the energy supply of the cell. S.O.D. may be one of those enzymes because it increases the efficiency of energy production. [Best Ways, August 1980]
P4 D1
Recently an isolated fraction of Green Barley juice known as P4 D1 was announced. According to Professor Dr. Jubota of the Tokyo Science University, this substance suppresses pancreatitis, stomatitis, inflammation of the oral cavity and dermatitis, as well lacerations of the stomach and duodenum. It is an ideal anti-inflammatory agent and its effects are measurably stronger than steroid and non-steroid drugs. [Nutritional News, September 1982]
Dr. Kubota also reported to the Annual Japan Pharmacy Science Association that the special fraction of Green Barley juice called P4 D1 produced remarkable stimulation to the repair of DNA in the reproductive cells. Dr. Kubota stated, “No stimulation of DNA repair or promotion of reproductive cell activity has been reported earlier from the use of any natural or synthetic source.” This kind of discovery might portend the achievement of a longer life. [Nutritional News, September 1982]
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